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Our global releases provide analysis across all surveyed countries on the most important and timely issues that Afrobarometer covers.
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PP39: Ambitious SDG goal confronts challenging realities: Access to justice is still elusive for many Africans Access to justice for all citizens has long been recognized as a cornerstone of democracy... Read more »
AD128: After 50 years, freedom of association is firmly established, though far from absolute, in Africa Afrobarometer surveys in 36 African countries offer some encouraging news: Most Africans... Read more »
PP36: Do Africans still want democracy? A decade-long upward trend in African citizens’ demand for democracy has ended with a... Read more »
AD122: China’s growing presence in Africa wins largely positive popular reviews In the eyes of Africans, China rivals the United States in influence and popularity as a... Read more »
AD115: Job performance of MPs, local councillors: Are representatives serving voters or themselves? Members of Parliament (MPs) and local government councillors are elected to represent... Read more »
PP35: Election quality, public trust are central issues for Africa’s upcoming contests Using 2014/2015 Afrobarometer data from 36 African countries, this analysis examines... Read more »
AD112: Do trustworthy institutions matter for development? Corruption, trust, and government performance in Africa This Afrobarometer dispatch explores whether African citizens think that political... Read more »
PP34: Does less engaged mean less empowered? Political participation lags among African youth, especially women The latest results from Afrobarometer surveys in 36 countries reveal a wide gap between... Read more »