Save Afrobarometer

19 September 2016
News coverage
Democracy Digest

One of Africa’s most important democracy advocacy organizations is in trouble because of a sharp decrease in donor funding, according to several former Assistant Secretaries in the State Department’s Bureau of African Affairs.

For almost two decades and across some three dozen countries, Afrobarometer has carefully recorded the attitudes of Africans towards democracy, governance, economics, and social development. The surveys of this pan-African research network have become an international gold standard for reliable and credible measurements of African public opinion, they write in an open letter to USAID Administrator Gayle Smith:

USAID has supported Afrobarometer since its inception in 1999, and has been one of the network’s Core Donors for more than a decade. However, during Afrobarometer’s next phase, covering survey rounds 7 and 8 (2016-2020), four of its five Core Donors, including USAID, have thus far said they are unable to renew their much-needed support, leaving Afrobarometer in danger of shutting down.

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