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Our global releases provide analysis across all surveyed countries on the most important and timely issues that Afrobarometer covers.
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AD57: Call the police? Across Africa, citizens point to police and government performance issues on crime Public perceptions include difficulty in getting police assistance, poor government... Read more »
AD56: Police corruption in Africa undermines trust, but support for law enforcement remains strong Rated high on corruption but not on trust, do the police still have a mandate? Read more »
PP26: The viability of political opposition in Africa: Popular views Do African citizens want real choices at the ballot box? And what do they see as the role... Read more »
AD45: African democracy update: Democratic satisfaction remains elusive for many International Day of Democracy highlights the contributions of citizens to making... Read more »
AD41: International Youth Day: Despite interest, African youth not connecting with political processes In observance of International Youth Day, a new Afrobarometer analysis points to a... Read more »
AD39: Political freedom and interest have yet to translate into Mandela's vision of participatory democracy in Africa Nelson Mandela International Day dispatch: Most Africans say they are interested but not... Read more »
AD32: Persisting education disparities threaten to exclude women from the global knowledge economy Despite growing public support for gender parity, and government initiatives to promote... Read more »
AD30: African publics strongly support term limits, resist leaders’ efforts to extend their tenure At the end of the 20th century, many African countries adopted presidential term limits... Read more »